Specialist energy efficiency solutions, markets & strategic direction

In any business it helps to have specialist skills. BSSEC specialises in certain areas of energy efficiency solutions; in certain geographical markets and international work; and in advising and giving direction to organisations with regards to energy management.

Specialist energy efficiency solutions

BSSEC has specialist knowledge and experience of certain energy efficiency solutions, some of which can be applied across different industry sectors whilst some are more suitable for a specific size or type of business.

Specialist solutions as follows:

Specialist markets

BSSEC has been fortunate to work on International, pan-European and local projects abroad. We are experienced in rolling out energy efficiency audits & solutions internationally and of overcoming any barriers that may materialise during these projects. We have also acquired detailed knowledge of some countries, their very specific legal framework for energy efficiency and of the appropriate solutions to meet the standards and compliance requirements in these markets. For more information please visit the following pages:

Specialist strategic advice & direction

BSSEC is involved in helping organisations to coordinate and achieve their energy management goals. To this end, we provide training and e-learning, helping engineers take the step from Engineer to Manager and from Manager to Director. At board level, we also provide strategic direction and guidance to a wide range of institutions including charities and energy institutions. This work generally takes place through our sister company Better Boardrooms.

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