Air Conditioning Inspections

BSSEC provides air conditioning inspections to CIBSE TM44. Air conditioning inspections are required under the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) every 5 years. Failure to have an inspection report can lead to a fine of £300 per site.

Only air conditioning systems with an effective output of more than 12kW are affected by the directive regulation. This includes systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kW but whose combined effective rated output exceeds 12kW.

Having your air conditioning system inspected by an accredited air conditioning assessor is designed to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon emissions of the system. The energy assessor will highlight improvements to the operation of existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less efficient systems or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems.

What is CIBSE TM44?

CIBSE’s TM44 is the industry standard and guidance for air conditioning inspections in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Malta and Gibraltar. The guidance is primarily intended to support inspections which are carried out for compliance with the EPBD, but will also be useful to anyone who wishes to assess the energy efficiency of an air conditioning system.

The focus is on systems that use refrigerants to produce cooling. Some of the guidance may also be applicable to elements of other forms of cooling systems, such as those that use pipes or ducts built into the fabric of the building (e.g. cooled deck or ceiling slabs), or those which use aquifers or local water sources to provide cooling solutions.

How BSSEC can help:

BSSEC consultants are registered with Quidos as accredited air conditioning assessors. BSSEC will examine the refrigeration and air moving equipment that are a port of the air conditioning systems and their controls. We will also examine any documentation that helps to understand the system, or indicates the extent to which the system has been maintained. In addition, BSSEC will estimate whether the system is suitably sized for the cooling loads in the treated spaces and provide advice on ways in which the performance of the system might be improved. The report will include:

  • the current efficiency of your equipment
  • suggestions for improving the efficiency of your equipment
  • any faults and suggested actions
  • how to reduce your air conditioning use

BSSEC’s experience:

Over the last 12 years, BSSEC has audited over 100 air conditioning systems in commercial and industrial applications. In building terms, these included central air conditioning systems (air and water), packaged systems, VRV, split and multi-split DX, fan coils, natural ventilation solutions, Termodeck, embedded cooling systems, chilled beams, reversible heat pumps systems, ground source heat pumps (heating and cooling), water cooling and adiabatic cooling.

BSSEC has designed many air conditioning systems including central air water chillers and fan coil systems (university buildings), packaged units (in retail applications) and, DX and VRV systems (in office buildings). In addition, BSSEC has been involved in the air conditioning design and operation on many design, build and operate contracts. These include chilled beams and variable speed drive air handling units with thermal wheels.

Our current clients include Morrisons, Nuffield Health, Nuffield Gyms, Primark, Wincanton and others.

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