Providing corrections to Building Management Systems (BMS) for energy efficiency

What is a Building Management System (BMS)?

In theory, a Building Management System provides control and monitoring of building engineering (M&E) services performance – including heating, cooling, ventilation, power supplies and lighting in real time. A BMS ensures the building operates at maximum levels of efficiency, removing wasted ​​energy usage and associated costs. The optimal level of efficiency is achieved by continuously maintaining the correct balance between operating requirements, external and internal environmental conditions, and energy usage.

In reality, most BMS systems are not programmed, commissioned or operated correctly leading to energy wastage, with plant and equipment life reduced. Compounding this, spaces are not well controlled and over/under heat or cool and building occupants are uncomfortable and often complain.

This industry problem is well documented and is a contributor to the Performance Gap and Sick Building Syndrome and leads to poor building occupier productivity levels.

Benefits of having a BMS and using it effectively

  • Save money through automatic control
  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption and sub metering facility
  • Simplified building operation
  • Individual room / zone control
  • Improved plant reliability and life leading to reduced maintenance needs
  • Ensure building continuity
  • Effective response to HVAC related issues
  • Occupancy comfort and reduced complaints
  • Contributes towards environmental regulation and policy

How BSSEC can help

BSSEC has a 12-year track record in providing BMS corrections to Building Energy Management systems across all commercial and public building sectors. Our approach is to:

  • audit the actual BMS control philosophy and set points including time programmes and establish an energy baseline;
  • audit the actual use of the building including out of hour operations such as cleaning, security, deliveries and late working;
  • develop a building user Standard Operating Procedure – giving guidance on how to operate the building and its services correctly;
  • implement BMS software changes (via specialists) to include controls philosophy and set point changes;
  • provide building user and FM maintainer training to the standard operating procedure;
  • deliver energy saving and environmental benefits including comfort verification (operation and savings);
  • provide ongoing Facilities Management support;
  • if required, provide support at new building handover in terms of verifying that BMS systems are suitable for handover.

BSSEC’s experience

Working extensively in new and existing buildings, BSSEC has substantial knowledge in buildings’ operation and management through multiple type BEMS installations including the platforms from Trend, Satchwell, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Cylon.

Case studies:

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