Environmental verification & energy assessment

We are approved and registered energy assessors and environmental verifiers for a number of different types of energy and environmental standards. We act as auditors and independent verifiers for third parties and can also act directly for you for your own internal assurance and due diligence.

Our assessment and verification services include:

Independent energy verification

We plan and conduct independent audits to measure before and after results on particular aspects of your business to discover if the predicted energy savings and associated financial savings have been achieved.

Independent environmental verification

Independent audits to measure before and after results to discover if predicted carbon emission savings have been achieved.

BREEAM assessments

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. We are approved assessors and auditors of BREEAM standards for the Assessment of buildings; new, existing or historic.

Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, Waste & Water

Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, Waste & Water publicly recognises businesses efforts in reducing carbon emissions. We are approved assessors and auditors of the Carbon Trust Standard.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate, EPC

Many commercial buildings require a commercial EPC by law. We are registered commercial EPC providers.

Display energy certificate, DEC

DECs are required for many building occupied by a public authority to inform visitors of the energy efficiency of the building. We are registered DEC providers.

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