E-Learning services for the energy efficiency and engineering sector

BSSEC provides a range of energy efficiency e-Learning services for professional institutions and accreditation schemes ensuring that energy and engineering managers/directors are kept up to date.

What we provide:

  • CPD Articles for journals and publications with Q&A including certificates
  • E-Learning CPD for web site access including certificates
  • E-Learning content for longer courses of a day to a week.
  • Face to face training where required.


BSSEC provides CPD articles to the Energy Institute and CPD modules to Quidos, contributing to its energy efficiency training portal with a series of online CPD courses.

Courses Available:

Technical subjects

1) Mechanical Building Services

  • Heating systems (gas, CHP, heat pump, biomass)
  • Ventilation (Mechanical/natural)
  • Air conditioning (all types)
  • Low carbon heat (geothermal, biomass, spring source)
  • Community heat (district heating)
  • FM in mechanical building services
  • BMS Controls

2) Electrical Building Services

  • Lighting (LED)
  • Power
  • Distribution
  • Renewables (Wind, PV)
  • BMS control systems
  • Building alarms (Fire/intruder etc)
  • FM in electrical building services

3) Sustainability

  • Energy Management
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Carbon
  • Air quality
  • Passive & low energy design
  • Passive House
  • Human behaviour – standard operating procedures

4) Legislation / Compliance

  • ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) phase 2 2019
  • MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) launch 2018
  • Air quality
  • Air conditioning inspections
  • DEC’s and EPC’s
  • BIM
  • Environmental reporting and disclosure

5) Energy Efficiency

  • Heating (heat recovery, controls, LTHW systems, space heating,
  • Refrigeration (air conditioning, controls, heat pumps, industrial cooling)
  • Flow mechanics (air handling systems, control of pumps and fans, heat exchangers)
  • Control (Building management systems, process control)
  • Compressed air (plant, distribution systems, compressor types, heat recovery systems)
  • Electrical systems (motors, lighting controls, small power, variable speed drives)
  • Metering, Monitoring and targeting (data management, metering, systems, behaviour change)

Leadership subjects

1) Climbing the ladder

  • Practitioner to manager
  • Manager to leader
  • Leader to director

2) Good Governance

  • An introduction to corporate governance
  • Strategic risk evaluation and management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Culture

3) Implementing Strategy

  • Value Creation
  • Strategy
  • Implementation

4) Leadership

  • Responsibilities
  • Organisational capability
  • Tracking progress, measuring success and monitoring performance

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