E-Learning services for the energy efficiency and engineering sector

BSSEC provides a range of e-Learning and Continual Professional Development (CPD) services for professional institutions and accreditation schemes ensuring that energy and engineering managers/directors are kept up to date.

What we provide:

  • CPD Articles for journals and publications with Q&A including certificates
  • E-Learning CPD for website access including certificates
  • E-Learning content for longer courses of a day to a week.
  • Face to face training where required.


BSSEC is a Content Partner for the IET Academy which was launched in February 2018. BSSEC also provides CPD articles to the Energy Institute and CPD modules to Quidos, contributing to its energy efficiency training portal with a series of online CPD courses.

 Courses Available:

Technical subjects

1) Mechanical Building Services

  • Heating systems (gas, CHP, heat pump, biomass)
  • Ventilation (Mechanical/natural)
  • Air conditioning (all types)
  • Low carbon heat (geothermal, biomass, spring source)
  • Community heat (district heating)
  • FM in mechanical building services
  • BMS Controls

2) Electrical Building Services

  • Lighting (LED)
  • Power
  • Distribution
  • Renewables (Wind, PV)
  • BMS control systems
  • Building alarms (Fire/intruder etc)
  • FM in electrical building services

3) Sustainability

  • Energy Management
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Carbon
  • Air quality
  • Passive & low energy design
  • Passive House
  • Human behaviour – standard operating procedures

4) Legislation / Compliance

  • ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) phase 2 2019
  • MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) launch 2018
  • Air quality
  • Air conditioning inspections
  • DEC’s and EPC’s
  • BIM
  • Environmental reporting and disclosure

5) Energy Efficiency

  • Heating (heat recovery, controls, LTHW systems, space heating,
  • Refrigeration (air conditioning, controls, heat pumps, industrial cooling)
  • Flow mechanics (air handling systems, control of pumps and fans, heat exchangers)
  • Control (Building management systems, process control)
  • Compressed air (plant, distribution systems, compressor types, heat recovery systems)
  • Electrical systems (motors, lighting controls, small power, variable speed drives)
  • Metering, Monitoring and targeting (data management, metering, systems, behaviour change)

Leadership subjects

1) Climbing the ladder

  • Practitioner to manager
  • Manager to leader
  • Leader to director

2) Good Governance

  • An introduction to corporate governance
  • Strategic risk evaluation and management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Culture

3) Implementing Strategy

  • Value Creation
  • Strategy
  • Implementation

4) Leadership

  • Responsibilities
  • Organisational capability
  • Tracking progress, measuring success and monitoring performance

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