Technical implementation of energy efficiencies

Uniquely in the industry, we don’t only project manage the work required to achieve energy efficiency savings, we also run small scale initial trials to allow clients to test real savings before committing to larger capital expenditure, as well as manage the vital change management required once changes have been made, without which expected savings are often not realised.

Technical trials

Your energy audit is likely to have a large number of recommendations. The only way to be absolutely sure which ones will yield the best results is to run a trial. We regularly plan and conduct trials of particular technical solutions to assess their effectiveness, prior to moving into technical implementation which normally involves significant capital expenditure. We manage the entire trial process from implementation, through data gathering and assessment, to reporting on findings.

Technical implementation

Ensuring your energy efficiency plan is effectively implemented is absolutely key. We’ve years of experience and managed a very large number of technical implementation projects, including large multi million pound projects running across hundreds of sites over many years.

Our project management services will cover all the aspects required and normally include:

  • Preparing detailed specifications
  • Creating tender packs
  • Managing supplier contracts
  • Hands on project management to successful delivery

Change management

Helping stakeholders to understand and adopt new procedures and use new technology is challenging and ensuring they have the support they need to do this is important. We specialise in this type of Change Management support, it yields big results for modest levels of investment and is crucial in ensuring that predicted energy cost savings are realised.

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