Commercial & industrial energy efficiency audits

BSSEC have extensive experience in completing commercial and industrial energy efficiency audits in the UK and mainland Europe.

We can audit any aspects of your business, whether for compliance with legislation, such as the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) or as part of an internal process to identify energy efficiencies and cost savings through your business. Through our audit process we regularly identify energy savings of 10% – 40% and we have saved clients many millions of pounds as a result of our audit action plans.

You can ask us for a simple general opportunities audit on a single site or part of your business, which may be as little as a few thousand pounds, or we can conduct detailed audits covering many sites and aspects of your business. Whilst our audits may be complex in scope and detail they follow a simple process; assess, document, make recommendations.

There are 3 main types of energy saving efficiencies that we identify in our energy audits:

Low cost & no cost savings

These are savings that can be made as a result of improved procedures & improved setup of control systems.

Capital expenditure savings

Savings that can be made as a result of investing in new equipment such as building controls, lighting, variable speed drives, new plant and equipment and heat recovery systems.

Renewable energy savings

Savings that can be made as a result of investing in green energy production such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydro, biomass, combined heat & power and heat pumps.

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