Client - Quidos

BSSEC has produced a range of E-Learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for Quidos’ Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme and F Gas Register.

Client Requirements

Quidos has several thousand accredited members on their energy, F Gas and Health & Safety accreditation schemes. Quidos has an on-going requirement for their members to undertake CPD to ensure that their knowledge, skills and experience are always being broadened, tracked and recorded.

Quidos approached BSSEC with the requirement to prepare technical content for specific technical themes and masterclasses for their E-Learning CPD range.


BSSEC’s first step was to prepare a CPD subject list for technical topics and masterclasses. The subject list was then market tested with Quidos members using on line surveys in order to develop a short list of the most popular E-Learning subjects. The final subject list was then agreed with Quidos and the range of E-Learning modules established.

BSSEC then developed a content plan per E-Learning module which included context, learning objectives, technical material, summary and tests. The technical content was arranged to be varied and included text, images, photos, schematic diagrams, and links to external web sites, You Tube and signposts to further reading material.

In the next step the content was reviewed and signed off with Quidos in terms of content, positioning and brand.

The final stage included Quidos uploading the E-Learning modules upon their on line CPD shops for sale. As each E-Learning module was sold a feedback form is submitted to ensure that training is continuously improved.


BSSEC produced the following E-Learning CPD modules:

Technology – 1.5 hours per module

  • How to save energy in air conditioning systems
  • How to save energy in lighting systems
  • How to identify heat pumps

Heating Masterclass – 1.5 hours per module

  • How to implement heating standards and design parameters
  • How to select a heating fuel
  • How to select heating plants
  • How to select a heating distribution system
  • How to improve heating controls and energy efficiency

Electrical Masterclass – 1.5 hours per module

  • How to generate power
  • How to distribute low voltage power
  • How to implement lighting
  • How to implement motors and drives
  • How to identify related electrical systems

“BSSEC E-Learning and CPD have been well received by our members and have proven to be best sellers of our many CPD products and providers. We would highly recommend them.”

Nick Lowry, Head of Marketing, Quidos


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